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Since the founding of the company, Florence and Nicolas have been fiercely and strategically running their business. Agent for LET & HER, VITAMIN A, CHARLI LONDON ,LINDE GALLERY,LENNY NIEMEYER . MPD BOX, KARINE LECCHI, LILI RADU, CHRISTIE'S, FESTIVA'L
Nicolas Meeùs, Florence Renaud, Style In Motion, Belgique , Belgium , Agent, Agency, LET & HER, VITAMIN A, CHARLI LONDON, ILLESTEVA ,LINDE GALLERY, LILI RADU,LENNY NIEMEYER, WAS DENIM.
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A bit about us

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A bit about us

As a mother of three wonderful girls, Florence Renaud is a loving mom, energetic woman, committed partner and fearless businesswoman.


Nicolas Meeùs, a mutli-disciplinarian at heart, coming from a family of Belgian businessmen and investors truly has the entrepreneurial blood in him. Webmaster and Image Manager, specialist in social media, he puts his skills to the service of brands and boutiques, aware of the importance of a coherent and structured e-communication.


Not only do Florence and Nicolas share a common passion for their profession, they complement each other perfectly: Florence, the outspoken driven fashion expert and Nicolas the commercial creative tech specialist.


Ambitious and dedicated, Style in Motion was born from their love for fashion, quality and excellence.


Traveling all over the world, Florence and Nicolas discovered young stylists, loved their designs and decided that those brands should be represented in Belgium. And as a former journalist for the ELLE Belgique Magazine, Florence realised the importance of the represented brands having media support.  The purpose was to implement commercially brands but also to ensure media visibility. Style in Motion was born!

They are now specialised in the Beachwear and Lingerie Market. And associate with a former successful person in the textile industry Valentine Halloy.

Since the founding of the company in January 2014, Florence and Nicolas have been fiercely and strategically running their business. They are agent for  VITAMIN A and ELISE ANDEREGG.

Florence Renaud et Nicolas Meeùs Fondateurs de Style In Motion

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As a fashion agent we establish your brand on the Belgian market. We make a point to find the boutiques that best represent our client, which leads to each brand having it own fine selection of stores that it is proudly sold in.

Press Relation

As we believe that media visibility is an important aspect of the brands’ image, we also offer to accompany our clients in terms of media presence. Collaborating with a well-known Belgian press agency, we assure press exposure (web and paper) to the brands we work with.

Social Network
Facebook – Pinterest – Instagram

We also use social networks as a means of communication to establish a direct contact with the target audience.

We can also help you to build a website, a Facebook page, etc…

Co Founder

Florence Renaud

Co Founder - Communication Manager

Nicolas Meeùs

Sales - Lingerie - Swimwear

Valentine Halloy